Activate or Change Members Group Status

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Activate or Change Members Group Status

Post by Bailey on Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:25 pm

Since anyone registering becomes a “Member”, we are using Groups for security purposes. Members can see only a very limited amount of the Forum. However they can see the Chatbox. So we need to be careful what is said on it.

To activate or change a members status to a group.

1. Go to Users & Groups tab, Group Admin
2. Click on the orange gear at the appropriate group to add to or modify the group
3. Go to the bottom of the page, to Group Members, and add the user name.
If you are moving a member to a new group, go to the old group, and Group members Section. Check the delete box for the appropriate member and click Remove Selected.


To create a new diplomat:

1. Go to Go to Users & Groups tab, Group Admin
2. Click Create a new group
3. Group Name is (Country) Diplo
4. You don’t need a moderator
5. The color is: #4B3BA8
6. Check, Color Group Members: Yes
7. Group status: Opened Group
8. Permissions to send PM Mailings: Admin
9. Add diplomat to Group members.
10. Go to the Permissions Tab, above, and give special permission just tor Embassy Row and his own Embassy.

For Diplomats, go to Modules, Chatbox, and banned users. Add their name to the banded users.

To make a secure embassy for the new diplomat:
Go to the General Tab, Categories, & forums.
Click on the green Plus at the top of the Action Column, and fill in the blanks. Attach it to whatever Embassy keeps it in alphabetical order. The Permissions can be the same as the other Embassies.

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