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Post by aaannndddyyy on Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:06 pm

Mayor Name: aaannndddyyy

City Name: aaannndddyyy

Resources: Aluminum/Spice

What country(s) have you belonged to (List All): NAAC (lol i'm old) The Secret Society, Alamut Assassins

Why are you leaving: AA disbanded

Have you or your country recently been involved in a war: Probably a couple days ago. Maybe a week now. Got attacked by a random unaligned city that had a grudge against Alamut Assassins.

If so, with who: Paddington

Who recommended you: Nobody but you can thank my buddy Bamrak

Why are you interested in joining Banana Republic? Seems like the only decent country to join.

What can you bring to Banana Republic to enrich the bunch? Skills, qualities, talents, etc: Dedication, loyalty and knowledge.

Do you agree to follow the rules of Banana Republic: Yes


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