April 9th update

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April 9th update

Post by Oxnose on Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:27 pm

Hey All,
I was banned from the CE forum a while back, and the April 9th update is directly on the CE Forum. What's the update? Please tell me.
Thank you much,

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Re: April 9th update

Post by teskosuicide on Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:16 am

Ok mayors a new update for testing (not active on facebook code as of yet maybe in a week if this all goes well)

- 4 New Special Buildings

(A city may only have 2 of the following 4 buildings at any one time.)

Grain Farm $50,000 Will allow grain production Planting grain costs $5,000
Cattle Ranch $150,000 Will allow cattle production Raising cattle costs $15,000 and requires 1 grain unit
Meat Processing Plant $300,000 Will allow meat processing Processing meat costs $30,000 and requires 1 cattle unit
Butcher Shop $3,000,000 Will allow sales of butchered meat Running the butcher shop costs $50,000 and requires 1 meat unit

These are visible and controlable on your viewcity screen under the "Special Building" section

-3 New Commodities and a commodity market under the menu system.

Grain Units
Cattle Units
Meat Units

Players can buy and sell these on the commodity market.

So how this all works....

Say you decide to buy a "Grain Farm" for 50k.
you can now decide to plant a grain crop.. this will cost 5k to do so.
It will take 24 hours for the grain to grow.
after 24 hours you'll be able to harvest the grain and get a grain unit.
(however if you wait 48 hours or longer past the plant date your crops will wither and die, thus lossing your initial 5k investment in growing of the grain.)

So now you have a grain unit.

You can hold on to it, or go to the commodity market and sell it. Prices on the market will fluctuate based on the player economy. If everyone decides to sell grain, the market will get flooded and the price that the game will buy it at will plumet as well potentially making growing gain not the best option at that particular time.

You've now decided to then get a cattle ranch for 150k
you can now decide to raise cattle.. this will cost 15k and 1 grain unit to do so.
It will take 24 hours for the cattle to fatten up.
after 24 hours you'll be able to slaughter the cows and get a cattle unit.
(however if you wait 48 hours or longer past the rasie cattle date your cows may enounter a strange event die, thus lossing your initial 15k & 1 Grain Unit investment in raising cattle.)

The Meat Processing Plant and Butcher Shop all work the same way except the each have different inputs and outputs.

Input -> process -> Output

Cash -> Grain Farm -> Grain Unit
Grain Unit&Cash -> Cattle Ranch -> Cattle Unit
Cattle Unit&Cash -> Meat Processing Plant - >Meat Unit
Meat Unit&Cash -> Butcher Shop -> Cash

At this time a city may only hold 3 Units of each type of commodity, whether by producing it yourself or getting them from the commodity market.

Once again a city may only have 2 of the new special buildings so no one city can do the entire process chain on their own. Smart buying a selling on the commodity market is essential.

Let see how this works out.....


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